Filosofia e storia della filosofia nella riflessione di Gennaro Sasso

Marcello Mustè XIII (2018), 2 Saggio This article takes into account the philosophical contribution of Gennaro Sasso on the history of philosophy between 1948 and 1988. The discussion with authors such as Carlo Dionisotti and Eugenio Garin, the publication of the works on Niccolò Machiavelli and Benedetto Croce, indicate signs of an original meditation on […]

La verità, l’opinione di Gennaro Sasso. Lo “specchio” della verità e l’ “eterna opinione” metafisica

Andrea Bellocci XIII (2018), 1 Saggio Starting from the anti-metaphysical “not” relationship between truth and opinion in Gennaro Sasso’s work, this paper analyses not only their differences, but also, and above all, the analogies that are established between the two “ gures”: incontrovertibility, identity and being, in this perspective, belong not only to truth, but […]