La verità, l’opinione di Gennaro Sasso. Lo “specchio” della verità e l’ “eterna opinione” metafisica

Starting from the anti-metaphysical “not” relationship between truth and opinion in Gennaro Sasso’s work, this paper analyses not only their differences, but also, and above all, the analogies that are established between the two “ gures”: incontrovertibility, identity and being, in this perspective, belong not only to truth, but also to opinion, even though the latter is no longer claimed to be an“entity”,but rather an“event”that cannot be afrmed or denied. Furthermore, the paper focuses on the problematic moment in which truth “sees” the doxastic universe, leading to the aporia of an opinion which is thus made eternal and, therefore, coincident with the truth, and of a truth which is made temporal and, therefore, no longer coincident with itself.