Verità e doxa: la questione dello «sguardo» e della «relazione» ne Il logo, la morte di Gennaro Sasso

This essay analyzes some of the main themes from Il logo, la morte and it’s mainly focused on the
ostensive view, the Truth has at Doxa. This puts the Truth in a relation that shouldn’t belong to it, since
the relation is the fatally aporetic category of metaphysics: every contact between Truth and Doxa should be excluded in order to avoid the overlap of these two plans. In this context, two aporetical consequences seem to occur: the Truth, as it sees, includes and is aware of Doxa, looses its identity; seen by the Truth, the Doxa itself fails as well. Moving from this point of view, I seek to investigate Sasso’s researches on Leibniz and Severino, considering whether some of these critical remarks would affect obliquely his own philosophy or not.