Rivisitare e riconsiderare. Momigliano e la crisi dello storicismo

Pasquale Terracciano XVII (2022), 2 Saggio Through the analysis of Arnaldo Momigliano’s revisiting of the Historicism, the paper delves into the italian and international debates on nature and meaning of history, on the role of the interpretation and critical judgment, on objectivism and providentialism. Scarica il pdf

Arte e storia in Benedetto Croce

Massimo Verdicchio XVII (2022), 1 Saggio The issue of Croce’s history depends on the relation to his aesthetics which is in appearance symbolic, as it is in Hegel, but is in essence allegorical. As Croce states in the 1893 essay and in the Estetica, history is an hybrid form of art that partakes of the […]