Sul modello storiografico di Ludovico Geymonat e il suo significato

Fabio Minazzi XVII (2022), 2 Saggio This essay emphasizes the critical reversal of the traditional historiographical model dominant inhistory of ideas. If most of the actual scientifc currents give more attention to the study of thepast world while progressively decreasing their focus on the contemporary world, Geymonathas done the opposite. Therefore, in his History of […]

La crisi del marxismo come storicismo dopo l’<>

Giulia Dettori XVI (2021), 1 Saggio Aim of this article is to analize the philosophical, economic and political themes of the debate on theoretical Marxism that began in Italy in 1956. The events of that year, in fact, lead various intellectuals to question historicist Marxism and the line of thought that it had identified as […]

Filosofia e tecnica, tra passato e futuro. Intervista a Luciano Floridi

Alessandro De Cesaris XVI (2021), 2 Intervista The following text is a transcription of an interview to Luciano Floridi, one of the prominent figures in the current debate on philosophy and technology. In this exchange, Floridi answers some questions concerning his academic and philosophical formation, his idea of philosophy of technology and his recently started […]

Le due culture e il ‘caso’ Galileo

Nunzio Allocca XIII (2018), 2 Saggio This essay presents an analysis of the dialogue between science and literature in some 20th century Italian authors (Italo Calvino, Ludovico Geymonat, Giulio Preti, Giorgio de Santillana). It points out in particular to Italo Calvino ́s interpretation of Galileo ́s work, joining the contemporary epistemological debate on the heuristic […]