Storia e filosofia: il dramma, la scelta, la libertà. Intervista a Michele Ciliberto

01/12/2023 Jonathan Salina XVIII (2023), 2 Intervista The aim of this interview is to consider some aspects about the work of Michele Ciliberto (1945), an important italian historian of philosophy. The main focus of the interview is to explain how in this author a meticolous attention about texts, documents and ‘scartafacci’ can live side to […]

Introduzione 2/2022

Massimiliano Biscuso, Jonathan Salina XVII (2022), 2 Saggio Scarica il pdf

Idealismo e filosofia: tra pensiero della crisi e concetti puri. Intervista a Gennaro Sasso

Jonathan Salina XVII (2022), 2 Intervista This interview wants to discuss some contents about Idealismo e filosofia (Bologna 2020), a theoretical and critical work from Gennaro Sasso, an important italian historian of philosophy and philosopher, who considers with attention (as for his previous works) the italian idealism of Benedetto Croce and Giovanni Gentile. Starting from […]

Per una storia della storiografia filosofica in Italia: linee introduttive

Teodosio Orlando XVII (2022), 2 Saggio The article analyses the Italian tradition concerning the teaching of philosophy since the unification of Italy, correlating it with the philosophical historiography (i.e. the main handbooks) for high schools. In particular, by examining the textbooks of the last 50 years, it highlights the profound transformations they have undergone, both […]

Translatio studiorum. La storia della filosofia come traducibilità

Marcello Mustè XVII (2022), 2 Saggio The article highlights that the history of philosophy cannot find a rigorous foundation in classical metaphysics and transcendental philosophies. To understand the character of the history of philosophy it is necessary to rethink the content and method of this discipline. The author emphasizes the relationship between philosophical historiography and […]

Tullio Gregory e «il piacere di una caccia senza preda»

Pina Totaro XVII (2022), 2 Saggio This article presents a brief description of the research activities, scientific projects and publishing initiatives promoted by Tullio Gregory in his long career as a scholar, university professor and research institute collaborator. Tullio Gregory was also founder and director of the Institute for the European Intellectual Lexicon and History […]

Filosofia e storia della filosofia in Eugenio Garin

Massimiliano Biscuso XVII (2022), 2 Saggio In this paper I outline the concepts of philosophy and the history of philosophy in the work of Eugenio Garin. Starting from three famous books, La filosofia come sapere storico (The Philosophy as Historical Knowledge), Cronache di filosofia italiana (Chronicles of Italian Philosophy) and Intellettual iitaliani del XXsecolo (Italian […]