La semiotica filosofica di Umberto Eco: cultura, enciclopedia, interpretazione

Stefano Traini XVIII (2023), 1 Saggio Eco was a semiotician who played a fundamental role in the birth, consolidation and development of semiotics, in Italy and in the world; but more generally he was – as he himself acknowledged in his Intellectual Autobiography – a historian and a theorist of culture. After all, the two […]

La semiotica del linguaggio di Ferruccio Rossi-Landi

Cosimo Caputo XVIII (2023), 1 Saggio In Rossi-Landi, general semiotics is sociosemiotics in a profound and original sense. The (socio-)semiotic interpretation of the notions of ‘mind’, ‘commodity’, ‘ruling class’, ‘ideology’ such as to find a semioeconomy renders Rossi-Landi’s research innovative and pioneering. Nonetheless, his work remained in the minor tradition, especially with respect to Italian […]

Umberto Eco e il problema del populismo

Giulio Azzolini XIV (2019), 1 Saggio The article reconstructs Umberto Eco’s reaction on populism, notable above all for his ability to link multiple aspects of the same problem. Unlike most of the literature on the subject, Eco studied both the aesthetic dimension and the political dimension of populism and he analyzed both contemporary and historical […]