L’autonoema. Il giudizio tra attualismo e neoeleatismo

Mattia Cardenas XIII (2018), 1 Saggio The aim of this paper is to consider the question of judgement by looking at Giovanni Gentile’s actualism and its development in contemporary Italian philosophy. In particular, the discussion on judgement will bring into play the neo-Parmenidean approach of Gennaro Sasso and Mauro Visentin. Scarica PDF

Aporie, opportunità e periglio del neoparmenidismo nel confronto tra Emanuele Severino e Mauro Visentin

Riccardo Berutti XIII (2018), 1 Saggio This article offers an enquiry into the implications involved in the relationship between ‘being’ and ‘ontic determinations’.We will try to illustrate some aporias that affect this relationship by distinguishing two different kinds of denial (absolute and relative). Furthermore, following a critical comparison between Emanuele Severino’s and Mauro Visentin’s ‘Neoparmenidism’, […]

Il neoparmenidismo italiano: l’inafferrabilità del concetto di differenza. Intervista a Mauro Visentin

Mattia Cardenas, Ambrogio Garofano XIII (2018), 1 Intervista Starting from the two volumes of Il neoparmedismoitaliano (Bibliopolis, Napoli 2005 and 2010) and from the collection of theoretical papers Onto-logica. Scritti sull’essere e il senso della verità (Bibliopolis, Napoli 2015), in this interview Mauro Visentin identifies the peculiar features of the category of Neoparmenidism and discusses his […]