Su alcuni usi politici della memoria e dell’«oblivione delle cose» in Machiavelli

01/12/2023 Giulio Gisondi XVIII (2023), 2 Saggio This article reconstructs some of the main political uses of memory and the ‘oblivion of things’ in Machiavelli’s work, beginning with the brief observation on the necessity of memory in the government of a state, in De natura Gallorum, the Discourses, and the Prince. The article analyzes Machiavellian […]

Machiavelli e Hegel. Potere ed eticità

Otto Pöggeler X (2015), 2 Saggio The following article by Otto Pöggeler appears for the first time in its translation to Italian.Here, Pöggeler further enquires some of the topics already developed in his previous essay Philosophie und Revolution beim jungen Hegel. After briefly reviewing the history of the reception of Machiavelli’s work in German thought, […]

Considerazioni su Machiavelli e sulla decisione morale

Gennaro Sasso VIII (2013), 1 Saggio The paper raises some of the foundamental issues of Machiavelli’s thought, focusing on thechallenge that this thought issued to ethics. Consisting of three parts, the paper starts with an inquiry into the misfortune of Machiavelli: as Sasso argues, this does not depend merely on the effects that Il principe, […]