Filosofia e storia della filosofia in Eugenio Garin

Massimiliano Biscuso XVII (2022), 2 Saggio In this paper I outline the concepts of philosophy and the history of philosophy in the work of Eugenio Garin. Starting from three famous books, La filosofia come sapere storico (The Philosophy as Historical Knowledge), Cronache di filosofia italiana (Chronicles of Italian Philosophy) and Intellettual iitaliani del XXsecolo (Italian […]

Filosofia e vita civile. Lo storicismo di Eugenio Garin

Francesca Izzo XVI (2021), 1 Saggio Many are the influences attributed to Garin’s historicism: Gramsci, Croce, Gentile, the religious existentialism.This unstable but not groundless historicism is based on a concept of man and humanity that Garin derives from his remarkable Renaissance historiography.The various portraits of men – such as Pico della Mirandola, Coluccio Salutati, Leonardo […]

Giulio Preti, Eugenio Garin e la storia della filosofia

Massimo Ferrari XIV (2019), 1 Saggio Giulio Preti and Eugenio Garin have contributed to a great extent to the debate about philosophy and history of philosophy during the 1950s in Italy. Both their positions can be read today as highlighting suggestions in order to shed new light on the relationship between conceptual changes (or even […]

La presenza di Gramsci nella storiografia filosofica e nella storia della cultura

Marcello Mustè XII (2017), 2 Saggio The article takes into consideration the “fortune” of Antonio Gramsci’s works in history of philosophy and history of culture studies in post-war Italian philosophy. The author shows conditions and consequences of a peculiar diffusion of the first publication of Letters from Prison and Prison Notebooks. According to the author, […]