Il pensiero italiano tra le discipline

Alessandra Aloisi XIV (2019), 1 Saggio Starting from general considerations regarding the different position of philosophy in the English- speaking countries, and by paying special attention to the UK, this article offers a contribution which describes the reception and presence of Italian philosophy outside Italy. In particular, it shows how, untied from traditional disciplinary perspectives […]

La filosofia italiana come transfert culturale. Uno sguardo dalla Francia

Caterina Zanfi XIV (2019), 1 Saggio After outlining the history of French translations of some Italian philosophical works in the last century, the article takes into account some phenomena of the cultural transfer pertaining the Italian philosophy and its relationship with French philosophy from recent decades. Some of the effects of the growing presence of […]

Gramsci and cultural studies in the dual economy of the United States

Renate Holub XII (2017), 2 Saggio In this article, I have tried to submit patterns in US academic cultural studies and Gramsci scholarship to a brief comparative analysis against the background of the generic amalgamations of three national formations by the 1980’s: reproduction and maintenance of a consumerist “common sense” through credit card debts, accelerations in economic under-developments […]