«Una teoria generale del conflitto sociale». Lotte di classe, marxismo e relazioni internazionali. Intervista a Domenico Losurdo

The goal of the first part of the interview is to understand the Author’s view of Marx and to compare it with other prominent Italian interpretations of Marxist philosophy, starting from World War II. Particular attention is devoted to the relationship between class struggle theory and the Marxist project of a critique of political economy. We elicited an opinion from the Author about the connection among his plural view of class struggles and other, apparently similar, Marxian interpretations, like the ones of Louis Althusser and Mao Zedong. The central part of interview focuses on the relation among the Author’s plural theory of class struggles, messianism and the role of political party. The last part of the interview deals with complex socio-political topics, such as the relation between the Author’s plural view of class struggle and Biopolitics, a currently hugely debated topic, and the link between the doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention and contemporary wars. The last question is about the role of communists in a broader left wing front.