Uomo e trascendenza fra filosofia ed esperienza religiosa. La prospettiva di Alberto Caracciolo e Luigi Pareyson

In my essay I take into account the perspectives on the relationship between man and
transcendence elaborated by two Italian philosophers of the same generation: Alberto Caracciolo (1918-1990) and Luigi Pareyson (1918-1991). In both has an essential role the “philosophy of the existence”, especially the meditations of Karl Jaspers and Martin Heidegger. Both Caracciolo and Pareyson develop a philosophy attentive to the religious experience. Their concentration on the structure of existence and their understanding of religion as existence “in the space of transcendence” or as “experience of transcendence” makes it interesting to carry out an analysis of some of their basic thoughts, in view of a reflection on the relationship between immanence and transcendence. Finally both Caracciolo and Pareyson place their meditation on religion in the horizon of “nihilism”, that they re-think critically as the figure that expresses the historical and spiritual situation of contemporary man.